Welcome to the Wish For A Smile online application process

Have you completed your Dental Assessment?

To find out if you are eligible to apply, you will need to arrange an appointment with your child's dentist or dental therapist (not a specialist orthodontist). The dentist or therapist will complete a Dental Assessment Form.

You can print out this form and take it to the appointment or advise them that they can complete the form online here.

Your child must be 11-16 years of age and a NZ citizen or permanent resident to apply.

Please note - one of the following conditions must apply:

  1. Your child must have at least one parent/caregiver/guardian who is a Community Services Card holder.
  2. Your child receives an Orphan's Benefit.
  3. Your child receives an Unsupported Child's Benefit.
All information is kept confidential to the Trust and its professional advisors, and will not be released to outside sources.